Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Okay, I small update since I have not been on here for about two years now. Tim and I are now back in Colorado, living in the Springs! YEAH!!! We have since had another child. Joshua Timothy Wilson. And before you start asking yourself, Wow, are they going to have anymore, the answer is no. As there is nothing wrong with having more or less than five children, Tim and I have decided that we are done, and are very happy with our decision. I hate being pregnant so really I could have stopped and just adopted after the first one. lol. Tim has also done another year tour to Afghanistan, and he is now an Office in the U.S. Army. Good news, looks like I will get to keep him for about five years until his next deployment. I started school this semester, and am going for Respiratory Care Therapy. I am really excited!

So you will notice we catch Ellie with her finger in her nose a lot in pictures!!! At least she doesn't eat them!

Joshua was born Sept. 12th 2009, He was blessed in the church in Dec. of 2009. This is his suit, it was huge, I had to sew the pants to make them fit better!

Ellie had a hard time at first with Joshua, she is such a mama's girl, but now she brings him everything.

See picking her nose in her sleep!!!

The traditional Wilson Christmas Eve party, was so much fun. The kids put on a play, and had a lot of fun.

Kyle thought he was too old to go up, but wanted the gift. He is funny! He is also an artist, maybe later I will post some of his work. He has been playing basketball, and is taking guitar lessons, He is very talented.

Lahna is very shy, but has a sharp tong when she wants too, she doesn't let people push her around. She is into Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana, music, poster, Is dying for her own room, Thinks she needs a cell phone at the age of eight,( NOT ) and loves her I pod and voice activated diary. She was just baptized this last Saturday and almost didn't go thru with it, cuz people were watching her. But she did great and is very excited about her scriptures that have her name on them.

Mia is Mia, she love barbies, movies, puppies, she wants a chiwawa, she loves to do art, and is incredibly smart, she is an awesome reader. She still talks a lot. My dad says she is my daughter hands down.

Ellie, Hates Santa Claus, we thought if her aunt Tara took her up she would go and in return her son Lincoln would go too. That was a no go. Ellie is spunky, she is head strong and won't do anything unless she thinks it is her idea or she decides that she wants too. You can see how this would cause problems trying to potty train her. Lucky on day she woke up and decided that's what she wanted to do.

Joshua isn't this bald right now!!

Lahna is Ellie's favorite

If I didn't take this picture I would think that Mia needs to pee!!!! The girl loves the camera

This one hates the camera

This one loves it

Tim, Kyle and Mia are very good at puzzles and love them

Christmas gingerbread houses at Tim's mom's house, they had tons of fun

Christmas Morning

Ellie's first bike, Lahna's first Sewing machine

More Barbies, I think she has about 25 now, Good thing she still plays with them.

I think she's going to puke!!! just kidding

THis chipmunk dances and sings, she didn't stop dancing to it for almost 15 min before we could get her to open the rest of her gifts.

Kyle is very good as chess, he is in the chess club at school.

Lahna loves dresses and clothes too.

The Wii is big in the house, Tim and the kids love it when they have time for it.

THere's nothing like a boy and his army fort building kit, at least now they take down less blankets for me to put back up.

Mia is the Daddy's girl!

This picture is out of place, but those cookies belong to Santa.

Since we have sold our house in KY, we hae decided to just rent for now, since we know we will be in MO. for about two years in about three years from now. The house we are renting has a fireplace, Tim got a wood permit and is now doing things he loves, cutting down trees with is new chain saw he got for Christmas.

I can say that Tim isn't affraid of work, He always impresses me with his ability to do everything he sets his mind to and does it very well. That and he looks cute in his hat.

So my dad retired. He was a reno Marshall and we forced to medically retire. I jsut saw him this weekend and he doesn't look that skinny anymore, he looks much healther. This was his retirement party.

Matthew didn't want to be around that many cops, but he enjoyed himself. It was nice to be together, I don't get with both of my brothers and my dad that often. I only brought Ellie adn Joshua with me that weekend. But I got to see my nephews, Alex, but he could stay he had testing at school, and Angelo, who's Matthew's and Giani, who is Micheal's second. Matthew and Ana are expecting another boy in June. There's is Desiree my dad's wife next to him trying to look tall, he dad behind her, and he youngest Daughter Cassy next to her and her friend who's name escapes me. Jessy had to work!!

I just wanted to put this picture in here incase Tim decides to look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyle is at his pack meeting, he is recieving his wolf, his is working on his bear right now.

Kyle is pinning me, I have to say that I think it is cool that I get the pins when he gets his badges.
Good thing I am short, otherwise the only picture we got, my head, would be covered my someones thumb.

Mia, trying cheerleading, I think she thought it would be alot more fun than it was. She was always bored, and asked when the games were over.

Cheer season is over, I think she was relieved

Lahna and Mia are now taking Piano lessons and love it!!!!

These next pictures are Mia, Lahna and Ellie posing for My friend Rebecca's botique buisness. She makes these hair flower and hates.

My girls love this stuff, they always wear flowers to school and church, Lahna and Mia wear them almost everywhere

Lahna also is starting ballet again, we moved in the middle of her fourth year doing, it and then we moved again in her fifth year, so she is excited to get back into it.

Lahna also played in the basketball season with Kyle, She's very good, but she said she would rather stick with ballet

She has worked hard to get her hair long, now if only I could get her to let me trim it every once in a while to keep it healthy!

Her natural state is curly hair though

Did I mention she loves the camera too.

I think this picture sums up Lahna's personality, this girl has many moods, but she is very goofy, she loves to make people laugh.

THIS, is my little terror. She may look innocent but really, the girl is insane. But we love her tons, she makes us laugh.

THis is her standard pose, her hands on her hips. She usually lectures us about something in half english and half gibberish with her hands on her hips and sometimes she starts pointing.

She is a poser too.

Sometimes I can't believe she is only 2 1/2 with all that hair.

Okay, so currently life is great.